Boys Varsity Football · Gators Kick-Off History at “The Bluff”

 Written by Chase Covell, Ashton Barton, and Sadie Ray

      “Sports and athletics are an amazing way to watch kids compete. It was a great beginning, really special to see them win with class and character. Im very proud and blessed to be the principal of this new school. We tried to hire coaches that resemble and reflect a family environment. It’s great to see the kids connect with one another, and to see the family in action. It was a great atmosphere, and I was very happy to see all the fans and students having a great time. Whether you were a player, student, parent, or a fan, a great atmosphere was laid, and it was a very special experience,” Dr. Clamp says after the  very first football game at River Bluff High School.

            Before the game, everyone, especially the players, were thrilled for the start of the season, the first sports event ever at RBHS. For instance, Wide Receiver Whit Spence said “It’s exciting, new, and will be a cool experience.” Also, defensive end Brandon Tillman said that “It gives me chills and good feelings.” He got a sack and scored a touchdown during the game.

The Gator Death Roll

            The varsity Gators beat South Aiken in a dominant win, with a score 50-7. Afterwards, Adam Clardy said that “It was good. We played well, but we need to prepare for bigger competition. We bonded and feel like a family, and that no one is selfish.” Coach Bennett said “Say a prayer before anything and God will give you confidence. For our young men scrimmaging four opponents before the season really helped with their confidence. We still have a way before we become a full fledged varsity team. Thanks to our parents, students, and boosters that attended the game.” Alan Jeffcoat, a defensive tackle, said that “It feels great to have the first win at a brand new school. The win has made the team closer as a family. Give a shout out to all my homies on the team, we are a family, and I love all of them.”Afterwards, Parker Baskin said to “Try to focus on the early season, to show people what we’ve got. The team is a family, we will have ups and downs, but we will stick to it.”

Also, Junior Varsity tied against the thoroughbreds with a score of 22-22. After the game Quarterback Jac Crouch said that “It makes me feel excited about being put down in history”. Bubba Davis, Defensive Tackle, said that “I was filled with energy and very nervous but wasn’t scared he’d mess up. I want to go to college for football.” Connor Shadday, right tackle, had a shoulder injury, so he could not be there for the game. Markquis Riley, corner back, said that “It felt good not messing up, and continuing after middle school.”

These games were a fantastic way to lay the foundation of the sports program at RBHS.

Go Gators!!