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Girls Varsity Golf · Strong Stroke to Start the Year

Women’s golf is in full swing this year, and better than ever! Even during the off season tourney, the team won by 36 strokes from 3a to 4a! This year the team will be practicing at  Golden Hills Country Club which is a local family owned resort that gives support to the golf teams. The expectations for this year is to have the team put in its best effort and improve every day.
A common misunderstanding about golf is that it is not a team sport, when in fact it truly is. Each team member must hold true to their role as everyone’s strokes are counted together.
This year, the River Bluff Women’s Golf Team has some tough competitors. Lexington High has won 8 championships, and following them are White Knoll and Irmo. The team’s goal is to finish in the top 4!

Go team Gators!