Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Gator Swim Teams Participate in 22nd Annual Dam Swim for Drew

Photo by Annie Mahrer

This past Saturday, September 12th, members of the River Bluff swim teams participated in the 22nd Annual Dam Swim for Drew.  Twenty-three years ago, Drew Smith lost his life in a BUI accident, which prompted legislative action. A new law emerged, named “Drew’s Law” after the young boy, which helps prosecute boaters who operate watercraft under the influence. Every year, swimmers take part in the event that honors the life and death of Drew and celebrates his impact on boating safety in South Carolina.

This year’s event has a different look. The event is both voluntary and virtual. Swimmers make a donation and then swim two miles (129 laps!) in a pool, record their time, and submit it to the event’s website. While the official date was scheduled for Saturday, 9/12, anyone can participate until September 30th. For more info about the event, follow this link.

River Bluff’s swimmers and their times are posted below:

Owen Nieders 45:47
Eduardo “Keels” Braga 48:18
Grant Lohr 46:47
Will Brock 51:36
Austin Roberts 51:30
Evan Nieders 54:37
Ryan Ezekiel 53:35
Sarah Owens 56:01
Meredith Crocker 55:14
Jane Taylor 60:00
Anna Beth Cochran 65:41
Anna Cully 69:08
Flynn Jeffcoat 70:32
Sofi Burnette 75:36
Sam Patterson 76:16
Awesome event and a great job doing good, Gators!